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Helping you achieve Goals by designing offering customised solutions.

EZZIPIZZY is a solutions driven company specialising in fundraising, Shortcodes, USSD payment, Competition and loyalty services.



Shortcodes | Fund-raising | USSD | Loyalty/Rewards Programs


EZZIPIZZY partners with other companies to help them reach/ achieve their Goals/ Mandates/Targets by designing offering customised solutions.

Profit Motive

Our and any Company/ Organisation we partner with must Show/Demonstrate over and above its profit motive that it is making life easier FOR THE PEOPLE (Mantra) through: Pricing | Product/Service | Relevance | Job Creation | Economic Emancipation

Strategy & Analysis0%

Demand-pull inflation0%

Economic growth0%

We help young companies expand business
into new territories.

Our team of business experts and finance advisors.

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