Registration & Security
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Registration & Security

  1. To register to make use of the Services, a User must complete the registration process and must provide EZZIPIZZY with up to date, complete and accurate information as requested by EZZIPIZZY. Failure to provide accurate and complete information on registration may result in termination of the Services. A User may also be required to choose a Username and password. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Usernames and passwords and Users undertake not to divulge their Username and passwords to any other person. A User is entirely responsible for any and all activities that occur under its account and a User shall be strictly liable to make payment of all charges incurred under its account whether or not these charges are incurred by the User or any other person, authorized or unauthorized, intentionally or unintentionally, or as a result of any virus, hack or security breach.
  2. Users agree to notify EZZIPIZZY immediately of any unauthorized use of their account(s) or any other breach of security.
  3. It is expressly prohibited for any person, business or entity to gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to any page on this Website, or to deliver or attempt to deliver any unauthorized, damaging or malicious code to this Website. Any person who delivers or attempts to deliver any unauthorized, damaging or malicious code to this Website or attempts to gain unauthorized access to any page on this Website shall be held criminally liable and in the event that EZZIPIZZY should suffer any damage or loss, civil damages will be claimed.
  4. In the event that a User wishes to replace a person/employee using a specific EZZIPIZZY account of the User, and wishes to prevent the individual person from accessing the account, the account holder shall inform EZZIPIZZY in writing of this change and change all details on the account accordingly. EZZIPIZZY may refuse to act on the instructions of an account holder where the account holder fails to provide sufficient proof of its identity as the account holder and the authority of the person purporting to represent it in making such a request and EZZIPIZZY shall have no liability to the account holder or the individual person where it refuses to act in the absence of such proof, nor where it acts in good faith reliance of any information submitted to it in support of any such request made by any person purporting to represent the account holder, including in respect of any claims for breach of privacy, security or confidentiality.
  5. In the event that a person wishes to lodge a complaint that a User has used the Services in any manner that infringes on the complainant`s rights or the rights of another person, the complainant shall provide EZZIPIZZY with a written notice setting out:
  6. The full names and address of the complainant;
  7. The written or electronic signature of the complainant;
  8. Identification of the right that has allegedly been infringed or the law or code of conduct alleged to have been infringed;
  9. Identification of the material or activity that is claimed to be the subject of unlawful activity;
  10. The remedial action required to be taken by the service provider in respect of the complaint;
  11. Telephonic and electronic contact details, if any, of the complainant;
  12. A statement that the complainant is acting in good faith; and
  13. A statement by the complainant that the information in the complaint is to his or her knowledge true and correct and an indemnity by the complainant in favour of EZZIPIZZY for any misrepresentation of the facts or for wrongful suspension or termination of any Services by EZZIPIZZY in response to the complaint.
  14. Any person who lodges a notification of unlawful activity with a service provider knowing that it materially misrepresents the facts is liable for damages for any wrongful suspension or deactivation of services. Users acknowledge and agree that EZZIPIZZY shall not be liable to the User or any other person for damages or other liabilities resulting from wrongful suspension or deactivation of services in response to any such notification.
  15. No EZZIPIZZY account may be is transferred from one person to another without the written consent of EZZIPIZZY. Where EZZIPIZZY consents thereto, the new person shall be responsible for updating all details on the account accordingly. If the Username is the former person`s name or trademark, a new account must be opened.
  16. In the event that a User forgets his or her password and/or his or her contact details used for password recovery has changed (e-mail address, mobile number) and he or she requests a password change, mobile number change or e-mail address change, EZZIPIZZY will call or e-mail the existing contact telephone number or email address on the account. The User agrees that if there is no response or no confirmation of the above request, the User may be required to re-register. The User further agrees that if any person responding to the above contact confirms the request, then the request may be effected and a new password issued to such person and the User agrees that EZZIPIZZY shall not be liable for any damages or breach of privacy, security or confidentiality resulting therefrom, including but not limited to where unauthorized persons have gained access to the Users email account or telephones.